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Research Collections

Specimens and tissue collections for evolutionary, ecological, systematic, genomic and conservation genetic research

Biodiversity Atlas – India

A Citizen Science Platform for Biodiversity Informatics, Outreach and Conservation

Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (iBMS)

Monitoring Indian Butterflies for Biological Insights and Conservation Policy

Conservation Research and Policy

Research at the interface of biodiversity conservation, society, and human welfare

About Biodiversity Lab

We are evolutionary biologists who study the evolution and conservation of biodiversity using phylogenetic, ecological, behavioural, genetic and genomic methods. We also discovery new species and do a lot of natural history in the field. To aid in this research and to build community resources, we maintain a substantial specimen and tissue collection in a climate-controlled space, trait and occurrence data, and spearhead a successful citizen science project, Biodiversity Atlas – India, including the Butterflies of India website


See our new, mobile-friendly website.
See the website of Indian Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (iBMS; for further information.
See Dipendra and Vaishali's paper on the evolution of multi-trait adaptations during the assembly of communities.