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The age of exploration, discovery and excitement continues ...

There is inexplicable charm in exploration, natural history and excitement of discovering new or rare species. We are professional biologists now, but our science has grown from and infinitely enriched by our love for natural history of organisms, from the curiosity to know more about an interesting insect here, an unfamiliar frog there. Typically, we spend part of our field time systematically collecting data for various research projects. Then, we spend much time just walking around in the forest, getting lost in seemingly irrelevant detail, which somehow come together at some point to reveal some principles of nature that others have not yet fully grasped. So we continue to explore, discover, be amazed and excited by little things on all of our field trips: a new lizard, a rare butterfly, a rediscovered species. A list of new species that we have discovered is here, and the following is a sample of some of our favorite recent discoveries: 

Без дзвінків і відмов отримати миттєву позику на картку в Україні. Цілодобове оформлення, рішення через 3 хвилини.
Хто в сучасній Україні може претендувати на мікрокредит без відмови? Можна сказати, все платоспроможні громадяни з доходом.