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I offer the following courses for the Masters, Integrated PhD and PhD programmes at NCBS: (a) Evolutionary Biology (every fall semester), (b) Invertebrate Biology and Biodiversity Conservation (fall semester, every alternate years; next class in 2016 fall). Students from other institutes can enrol in these courses if they like.

I am also likely to teach the following courses, occasionally, in coming years: (a) Principles of Phylogenetics and Taxonomy, and (b) Genetics, Genomics and Evolution. Details about these courses will be made available here in due course. Write to me if you are interested in these courses.

If you want general information about the kind of course work that is offered at NCBS, consult the NCBS academic courses page.


I am open to mentoring undergraduate and post-graduate students from other institutes and universities if their overall research interests match the long-term goals of my lab. I can also co-advise MSc and PhD students from other universities if their research revolves around basic and applied questions regarding biodiversity and conservation. I am registered as a PhD advisor at TIFR, Manipal University and SASTRA University, so I can advise non-NCBS post-graduate students as well. Contact me if you want to be mentored or co-advised by me, or otherwise interested in my teaching and mentoring activities.

-- Krushnamegh Kunte.