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Saurav Baral
PhD student, Biodiversity Lab, NCBS

I am interested in understanding the pattern of wing coloration in butterflies using Papilio polytes as a model system. Papilio polytes shows polymorphic female-limited Batesian mimicry. The mimics have a very different wing color pattern than the non-mimics. I use different tools to dissect various aspects of wing patterning and evolution.

I am from Nepal. I came to Bangalore in 2008 for studies and have been here ever since. I am a geneticist by training. I completed my Masters in Applied Genetics from Garden City College, Bangalore and Bachelors in Biotechnology from St. George College, Bangalore. Apart from wing pattern evolution, I am also interested in learning about the dynamics of micro-evolutionary and macro-evolutionary forces, hybridization and parasite-host interaction. I also love watching movies, reading novels, playing computer games and going to new places.