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BOOKS: EKA RANVEDYACHI SHODHAYATRA (“Quest of a Naturalist”, in Marathi)

Citation of the book:

Kunte, K. 2002. Eka Ranvedyachi Shodhayatra. Rajhans Prakashan, Pune. 169pp.

(sample pages from the book will be available here shortly)


RCoverMediumI lived in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in southern India for one year (1994-95). This book is about my experiences in this forest. It is a mix of natural history, wildlife stories and, on a personal level, about realizing one’s strengths and finding spiritual moorings. It is a winner of two literary awards, was on a best-selling list for many months, and is currently in its fifth printing. A chapter from this book was also part of the Marathi literature curriculum in primary schools in Maharashtra for three years.

The story of this book is unconventional. I grew up in Pune, where I was captivated by forests and wildlife in the nearby Sahyadri (Western Ghats). I found college and classroom-based education quite dull, so I spent most of my time in forests chasing butterflies, birds, snakes and mammals. As a result, I failed various physics, chemistry and botany exams. This kept me out of college for two years. Recognizing my talent, however, Dr. Milind Watve, my mentor, sent me to Mudumalai to finish his work – to study the ecology of elephants and wild dogs – which finally gave birth to this book.

Sample pages from this book will be made available here in the near future. At present you can read the English translation of the first chapter from this book.