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2022/12/29: The Art of Subterfuge: How Butterfly Communities Evolve Into a Game of Warning and Deceipt! (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 2022/2023) 

2020/07/25: Vagabonding female butterflies weigh in on reproductive strategies (Biology Letters, 2020)

2020/06/30: Strange bedfellows: how butterfly caterpillars sustain their association with cocktail ants (Scientific Reports, 2020)

2017/09/18: To breed or not to breed? Migratory female butterflies face a monsoonal dilemma (Oikos, 2018)

2017/09/18: Mimicry in Butterflies: The Muse, the Palette and the Artist (WIREs Developmental Biology, 2018)

2017/08/25: Two new species of dragonfly discovered in north-eastern India (Zootaxa, 2017)

2016/08/18: Urbanization affects diets of butterflies: Butterflies that are 'picky' about the flowers they feed from may become increasingly dependent on fewer native flower sources with urbanization (Biological Conservation, 2016). This covered our collaborative study with researchers at the National University of Singapore.

2016: First comprehensive catalogue of India’s cicadas in a century (Biodiversity Data Journal, 2016)

2015/11/03: Butterfly mimicry through the eyes of bird predators (Evolution, 2015). This was subsequently covered in several popular science news stories in PhysOrg, EurekAlert, The Hindu, The Statesman, and NCBS News, among others.

2015/07/03: New butterfly species, the Banded Tit (Hypolycaena narada), discovered in Arunachal Pradesh. This was subsequently covered in The Hindu, The Telegraph, National Geographic Traveller India and Times of India, among many others.

2014/03/06: doublesex doubles as gender differentiator and mimicry supergene (Nature, 2014). This news was subsequently covered in Nature, Nature India, Science, NCBS News, The Scientist, National Geographic's Phenomena blog, Mongabay, New York Times, The Hindu, and ScienceDaily.