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Dipendra Nath Basu
PhD student, Biodiversity Lab, NCBS

I am studying taxonomy of Indian butterflies. I am mostly looking at variation in genitalia morphology as a proxy for reproductive isolation. Comparison with available molecular data will add temporal scale to these events. My project is to evaluate the present species-subspecies status in Indian butterflies, explore cryptic diversity and intra-population morphological variations. This will be then applied to biogeographic patterns of isolation and diversification.

I completed my MSc in Zoology from Bidhannagar College, West Bengal State University, with specialization in Entomology. As a part of my MSc dissertation I worked on butterflies to evaluate diverse wing scales as a taxonomic tool. I received a CSIR fellowship for doctoral research in 2013, with which I joined the Biodiversity Lab.

I am an audiophile, a foodie, have a knack for photography, I sketch, and play squash.