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Full citation of the book:

Kunte, K. 2000. Butterflies of Peninsular India. Universities Press (Hyderabad) and Indian Academy of Sciences (Bangalore). xviii+254pp, and 32 color plates.

(sample pages from the book will be available here soon)

TButterfliesBookCoverMediumhe book is targeted mainly at students and amateurs who wish to pursue butterflies as a serious hobby or potential career. It has an extensive introduction to the natural history and ecology of Indian butterflies. This is followed by detailed family accounts and descriptions of natural history, behavior and early stages of 76 common butterfly species. Distinguishing characters, similar species, status, distribution, habitat, habits and early stages (larva and pupa) are described for every species. The text is accompanied by over 350 black and white line drawings of upper- and undersides of both sexes and of species similar to the focal species, which brings the number of species described in the book to 200, or 60% of butterfly species found in Peninsular India. Line drawings of caterpillars and pupae are also given for a majority of focal species. The 32 color plates contain 186 photographs depicting 133 butterfly species.

In every section there are suggestions for student projects, economic importance of specific species and other subject matter relevant to a species or family. Appendix 1 gives a list of larval host plants for all the butterfly species mentioned in the book and Appendix 2 gives details such as scientific name, family, habitat and growth form of every plant species that is mentioned in Appendix 1.

See sample pages and plates from the book (coming soon) or download its review in Current Science (84KB).

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